Charles Gregoire & Heidi Brault

Tandem Cyclists

May 31, 2016 Prescott & Russell Link Pathway Entrance, Ottawa, Canada


Fundraising - Cycling to Raise Funds

We had planned a multi-day tour, which was to start in Kanata, Ontario, and finish in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Regretfully we had to stop the tour after completing Day 01 due to injuries sustained in an accident. See the Rides Past & Future page for a complete narrative of what happened that day.

We had worked out the entire route using a combination of guide books, an iOS app called Footpath, and Google Maps. We started out on July 6 and were planning on riding into Fredericton on July 21.

By doing this cycling tour, we wanted to help raise funds for two very worthwhile causes:

Note that in the wake of the accident on Day 01 the Willow Tree Community committee has decided to collectively undertake to cycle the 1100 km that we, i.e. Charles and Heidi, had intended to bike. They will be recording the distance they cycle so you can follow their progress on Facebook (i.e. see Willow Tree Community Facebook page) and Instagram willowtreenb over the next eight weeks.

Willow Tree Community is drawing the circle wide! If you are interested in participating, send a message and/or picture to their Facebook page including your km travelled. They’ll update the total km travelled every Monday.

We have very personal connections to both of these causes. Charles' Aunt, Gracie Mersereau, is on the Willow Tree Community Inc. committee in Fredericton, NB, and is working towards starting a L'Arche centre and home in Fredericton. L'Arche Canada is part of a network of international communities that offer housing and activities for adults with intellectual disabilities who are not able to live independently. There is a great need for a L'Arche community in Fredericton, with a number of families hoping to avail themselves of their services.

For Refugee Aid Canada we are founding members as well as co-website developers and co-secretaries. Refugee Aid Canada is currrently raising funds to sponsor a Syrian refugee family and help them resettle in Ottawa. We have participated in a number of tasks, such as donating funds, gathering in-kind donations, attending sponsorship information sessions, developing a budget, and visiting potential accommodations for the refugee family. The cycling tour was part of our fundraising efforts.

We continue to hope to raise funds for both of these worthwhile causes. We paid all of our own expenses for this cycling tour. All donations will be going to either the Willow Tree Community Inc. or Refugee Aid Canada. Anyone who would like to donate can choose to give to one of the causes or split the amount of their donation between the two.

Donate to Willow Tree Community Inc. (L'Arche Canada - Fredericton)

If you would like to donate to Willow Tree Community Inc., please go to the Willow Tree Community Inc. Tandem Tour 2016 Fundraising page on Canada Helps.
Canada Helps - Willow Tree Community Tandem Tour 2016 Fundraiser

If you would prefer donating via cheque or money order make the cheque payable to:

Willow Tree Community Inc.

and on the memo line mark Tandem Tour 2016. Mail the cheque to:

Willow Tree Community Inc.
c/o Tandem Tour 2016
685 Canterbury Drive
Fredericton, NB E3B 4M6

If you would like more information on L'Arche, please go to Willow Tree Community Inc.

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Donate to Refugee Aid Canada

Refugee Aid Canada is currently raising funds to sponsor a Syrian refugee family of five. This young Syrian couple and their three children are currently in Lebanon. Four members of Refugee Aid Canada and one member of Our Syrian Family Ottawa have formed a Group of 5 to privately sponsor this Syrian refugee family. All of the funds will be used to help them resettle in Ottawa. Donations can be made through the Refugee Aid Canada website Refugee Aid Canada.

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